What Might You Want to Know About Temporary Steel Buildings?

Due to an increased need for space, companies (and sometimes individuals) will need quick storage solutions or additional workspaces to meet their needs. Sometimes, they need quick solutions to respond to urgent space needs, and this is where temporary steel buildings come on their own.

What are temporary steel buildings?

These temporary structures are made from aluminium frames, with steel wall and roof cladding. The steel cladding comes in various gauges depending on the insulation rating and the user or customer will specify what they need when ordering.

What can these semi-permanent steel buildings be used for?

These structures are versatile and can be put to many uses. Some of the uses of temporary steel buildings include:

  •   Manufacturing: businesses that produce just about anything can use these structures to meet their space needs in an affordable, urgent and customisable way.
  •   Showrooms: the buildings can make great showrooms to display merchandise for sale. The structures allow for easy relocation from one place to another because they can be assembled and disassembled quickly without any damage — thus serving as great showrooms.
  •   Storage: individuals, businesses, institutions such as schools, and other users can use these structures as storage facilities for multiple items. The user can specify the steel cladding gauge to ensure their insulation needs are met.
  •   Work area: businesses that need working space, be it a new work area or an expansion, for example, a workshop or inspection area for machines and vehicles, can use these structures for that.
  •   Agricultural operations: farmers and others in the agri-business can use the semi-permanent buildings for different uses like storing inputs, as production units for dairy products, and others. They may also use the facilities to house machines to protect them from the elements and theft.

What are the advantages of temporary steel buildings?

Some of the benefits of these buildings include:

  •   Cost-effectiveness

Customers looking for space solutions can buy or hire temporary steel buildings from Smart-Space, the UK’s leading temporary buildings provider. If the users need it for a short time, hiring is the best option and saves heavy capital outlay. Conversely, those who need them for long-term use can buy them and benefit from them for an extended period, enjoying easy portability hence saving the costs of new buildings in new locations, unlike when using brick-and-mortar structures.

Additionally, these structures cut down lighting expenses due to the clear panels used as part of the roof cladding. Users also save on heating and cooling costs because of the exceptional insulation from the steel wall and roof cladding. The buyer can specify its gauge to match their needs. And with the structures requiring no footing or foundations and just a concrete base, they save on foundation costs.

  •   Quick installation

The framework that makes these semi-permanent structures is fabricated in the factory as per the customer specifications and delivered in several pieces to the site. The parts are assembled quickly by the manufacturer’s technicians, or the buyer can handle the assembly instead. This way, the customer has a functional building in a short time.

Customers who need these temporary steel buildings can check out this useful source for more information about the UK’s leading temporary buildings solutions provider. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry and offers exceptional temporary structures and even permanent steel buildings.

  •   Safety and durability

Temporary steel buildings from Smart-Space are made using strong and durable materials that are long-lasting, sturdy and safe for various uses. Importantly, they comply with the building regulations in the UK hence offer customers great value for their money. These structures can withstand fires outbreaks, and keep out intruders and thieves, thus beefing up your security.


Now you know what temporary steel buildings are, their uses, and their advantages, you are more informed and able to make a better decision regarding your space needs. There’s no doubt these structures are a worthy investment.

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