Technology – An Ever Growing Fad

It is quite interesting to notice that our lives has been drastically changed with the dawn of technology as compared to our earlier life being fairly simple and one dimensional. The worm of technology has bitten most of us and will continue to make its impact in the near future as well. Today, the term technology is present in virtually all parts of our lives even though we are not aware of few of them. We are so much dependent on it now that it is hard to imagine a day in our lives without using technical stuff. It can range from using a mobile phone, television, a computer, a car or even an airplane to reach a far flung place.

Usage of such technical devices has turned out to be a boon for the human society in general. The technological advancements in the transport system have made the world shrink. In communication the world has been contracted notably as the information is accessible to us where we want and when we want making it very comfortable. Even the basic needs of a person can now be fulfilled with revolutionary technologies like internet. We don’t have to rely on the morning news papers as online news is there for us 24/7, we can easily find and stay in touch with our buddies via social networking sites. Most of our activities can be handled with ease by internet.

It is good to see the world shrinking at such a rapid pace. That day appears to be strikingly close when we would be able to achieve everything with technology. But a word of caution lies here, after all we are just human beings and we must not forget that man is a social being. With technology we can achieve many things but we can also destroy mankind with it. It is true that with internet we can keep in touch with news and stay connected with friends and family but we also forget that it also takes away the personal touch out of our lives. There is nothing like meeting or get together but a text on a social networking site. Writing letters to loved ones which is a creative work has been replaced by email. The technology has pierced into our sports also, thus making all the things more mechanical. Thus it is quite reasonable to use technical things in our day to day life but we should not be dependent on them and must retain our human assets. It is also true that if all these advancements are out of control they can lead to a catastrophe thus marking an end of our existence. The dropping of atomic bombs was one such example.

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