Surgical Tech Career Fact Sheet

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A surgical tech is a profession that is among the fastest developing ones in these modern times. It is expected that between 2008 and 2018, there will be a 25% growth in surgical technologists’ employment opportunities. So, because of the high demand for these professionals and the job reputation, we will give an informative overview of the surgical tech job profile that anyone interested in building a career in this filed will find quite useful.

The Main Duties of a Surgical Technologist

A surgical tech is also referred to as a surgical technician, a surgical technologist or simply, a scrub. Their main duty is providing assistance to surgeons during surgeries. They are part of the operating room team and work supervised by surgeons and other surgical staff. During a surgery, a surgical technician is expected to:

– Pass instruments and supplies to surgeons and their assistants

– Operate lighting, suction machines and other equipment

– Take care of samples taken for laboratory analyses

-Apply dressing etc.

A surgical technician has many responsibilities before a surgery, too. Some of them are:

– Preparing the patient. This includes washing, shaving, disinfection, transport to the operating room as well as checking the patient’s chart and vital signs.

– Preparing the operating room. This includes checking the equipment, sterilizing and counting the instruments etc.

– When it comes to the surgical tech duties following a surgery, they include:

– Transporting the patient to the recovery room

– Cleaning and sanitizing the operating room

– Re-stocking and recounting the instruments.

The Working Environment

More than 70% of the surgical technologists work in hospitals. The working environment is clean and air-conditioned. However, due to the nature of the job, surgical techs must remain standing for a long period of time and could be exposed to contagious diseases as well as to rather unpleasant sights and scents. They usually work 40 hours a week, but can be called in at any time in case of an emergency.

Job Outlook and Career Opportunities

– As mentioned earlier, a significant growth is expected in this field. Certified surgical technicians will certainly be preferred by employers. Even though hospitals will most certainly remain the main employer of surgical techs, the number of these professionals employed by physicians and ambulatory surgical centers is expected to rise significantly.

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