Interested In Boxing? 4 Basic Things You Need To Know

The sport of boxing has been around since ancient Greece in 648 BC, when it was introduced during the Olympic Games as a martial art form. Eventually, professional boxers turned this sport into an opportunity to earn money by betting on themselves against other fighters while paying spectators who watched the match with great interest.

Down, set, hut! You’ve heard that call of the boxing ring hundreds of times. No matter what your age or sex, hitting something can be a cathartic release after enduring life’s daily grinds. Once you learn to follow the rules of boxing safety and etiquette, this sport is for you—regardless of whether you are female or male. That said, here are some basics you need to know about boxing.

Stay updated

If you are into boxing, you should definitely stay up to date with the latest boxing news. This will allow you to be updated on various critical issues that might emerge in the near future. Sites such as are reliable with any news that is worth your time. Besides, it is fun to watch and follow the sport, as you can learn a few things also about the sport. You can also identify a professional boxer that you can look up to.

Additionally, boxing news will also tell you about the latest fights and the results, as well as the newest updates from all over the world.

Your safety is important

It’s important that you stay safe as you learn boxing basics and perfect your boxer’s stance, punches, and footwork. Boxers should wear some protective equipment whenever they enter the ring. This is also so even when they are practicing on a punching bag or working out in the gym.

To protect their hands, arms, feet, shins, eyes, nose, mouth—and virtually all parts of their bodies, boxers must wear heavy-duty gloves with 12 to 16-ounce leather coverings for men and 10 ounces for women. Headgear is also needed to guard against blows to the head. Every boxer should have at least one mouthpiece so his teeth won’t get knocked out during a match. Mouthguards are also good protection against cuts inside the mouth.

Learn the basics

If you want to be a boxer, you need to learn some basics about punching, boxing, and fighting. First, you need to learn the correct way to throw a punch. This means standing correctly with your dominant hand forward, your feet about shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent for flexibility and traction, fists up near face level at a forty-five-degree angle from the body as if holding a tennis ball.

You should know how to hold your hands when defending yourself too. Fists should be held high near your chin with elbows tucked in close to guard the stomach area. You should also be able to defend against different kinds of punches. Jabs are those that come straight toward you, while hooks are those that curve out from either side. Your other option, an uppercut, is a swing where you bring your fist up towards an opponent’s chin.

Learn from professionals

Look at how boxers hold their fists. That’s the proper way to protect your head and face when you’re in a fight.

You should also be armed with enough knowledge to actually fight well. Do not just stand there trying to block punches or swinging indiscriminately, hoping luck puts you on top after all of your senses are shut off by adrenaline.

There are three types of blows: jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Each has its own advantage. Hooks take more time but do more damage if they connect than jabs which come faster but don’t do as much damage. There is also the uppercut that only works against tall opponents who usually won’t be bending down too low. Jabs can lead to hooks and uppercuts, which can lead to an opponent falling face-first. Uppercuts are mostly used when the enemy is already on the ground.

Since your aim is to knock him out, you need to utilize your enemy’s weight against him. The easiest way would be to get him tired and then use his own weight against him.

Practice makes perfect.

Like any other sport, boxing takes time to get good at. This is only the beginner’s guide, after all. Never be ashamed of using your opponent’s weight against them. After all, it is part of the game. Keep on learning the tricks of the game as well as praising and within no time you will become the next Floyd Mayweather. And remember, consistency is key.

Just remember these boxing tips, and you should be winning more frequently than not. If it doesn’t sit well with you, there’s always wrestling or martial arts. Good luck!

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