How to increase blog traffic for your business

Blog traffic can mean a big business. About 47% of buyers tend to read 3-5 articles before making purchasing decisions. To make it buy, you have to make them visit your site first.

Then read to learn how you can get more traffic to your blog.

Use Analytics & Webmaster Tools
If you want to know how to increase blog traffic, you must know the base line or your starting point.

The only way to do this is with data.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics or Google search console, it is the first thing you should too.

You also have to connect to Bing Webmaster tools.

These tools will give you insight into how much traffic you get and from where it came from. You will also see how long people spend reading your blog posts.

Get to know your audience
Another way to get more traffic to your blog is with the topic of research, your audience is interested. You can do this by researching questions posted on Reddit and Quora to get ideas.

For example, if your blogging about personal development, you might find that the general theme is that people are looking for ways to be more productive.

You can then write content ideas based on productivity. You can also take steps further and get the idea of ​​content and keywords from this keyword research tool.

You can also see Buzzsumo to see the headlines of the most viral articles to see what people share.

This will help you get the content ideas that you are interested in and for those friendly SEO and can be shared.

Write a guest post
Do you find a site in your research that welcomes guest post?

Maybe you see a site that shares the same target audience with you, or there is a site of thought leaders in your industry that welcomes posting.

This is a very good opportunity to expose your work to more people and get valuable backlinks to your site. If you get the opportunity to write for the right website, you can even be paid to the blog.

Just make sure the site is more popular than yours. If not, you will not get traffic or backlinks.

Expand your audience
One way to increase blog traffic is to expand your audience. You can do this by making your blog friendly to the international audience.

Let’s say you have a blog post about how to increase blog traffic in English. You’ve learned enough Italian to be able to translate it to “scrivere un blog on Successo.”

You just opened the door to a new audience and the opportunity to get more blog traffic.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by thinking to translate all your sites.

The great thing about WordPress is that there are plugins for all, including translations.

Create a great user experience
As a blogger, you must make an extraordinary user experience. That means having an easy-to-use site, easy to use and can be read on many devices.

These points are often ignored by bloggers, but what they don’t realize is their site can be charged traffic costs.

People want and expect a quick website. Up to 40% of people will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. To worsen the circumstances, if you are blogging for e-commerce sites, 79% of buyers will never return if they think your website is slow.

The first thing you have to do is check the speed of your site. There are several tools for use to do that, from Google’s page speed insights and pingdom.

Both tools will notify you if your site is slow and what you can do to fix it. Sometimes, it can be as simple as compressing images. At another time, you might have to adjust the code.

Use the image in your post
Do you want to know how to increase blog traffic with visuals?

Image use is also part of the user experience. When you use images, you increase the possibility of articles shared.

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